Autodesk Inventor Plus


░ Sweep and Shell Functions ░ in Autodesk Inventor – Basics

This video will show you how to use Sweep and Shell functions. First, you need to create a sketch (or sketches). The sketches can be on separate planes, however they have to be connected.
After you have the sketch, draw a shape you want to sweep at the end of sketch.
Use Sweep command to sweep the shape.
You’re done with sweep, now choose Shell and select planes (faces) you want to remove. Also, select thickness.
Now, you have one piece part, that’s hollow inside and adjustable as well, if you change dimensions of the original sketch.

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Install User Tools for Add Ins Tab in Your Autodesk Inventor

The following tools are only available if you install User Tools from a directory on your main drive:

  • Spell Check
  • Chain Dimension
  • Alpha Sort Sheets
  • Revision Cloud
  • Batch Update Style

All of the above are included with your main package, you don’t have to purchase anything. To install it go here C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 2012\SDK, double click on UserTools.msi and let it install.

After it’s installed, run the Inventor, and look for Add-Ins tab on the right. Please note that you must have some drawings or assemblies open in order to Add-Ins to show up.

You’re done.

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How to Revolve a Sketch in Inventor – basics

If you already have a sketch to revolve, go to ‘Model’ tab, click on revolve and select the sketch. You can also type “RE” to ge to the same command.

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Extrude a Sketch in Inventor – basics

How to extrude a sketch in inventor.
In ‘Model’ tab, select Extrude or type “E”. Select sketch and enter values.


Draw a 2D Sketch in Autodesk Inventor Part – basics

How to draw a sketch in Inventor?
In the Model Panel (top left) click ‘Create 2D Sketch’ button. It will ask you to select a plane.
Select a plane from browser, and you’re done.

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Create a New Part within Assembly in Inventor – basics

To create a new part in Inventor you have to go to Inventor icon (top left corner) → New, and select Standard.ipt template.

How to Log in to Vault in Autodesk Inventor – quick tip

To login to Vault from within Inventor, click on Inventor icon (top left corner) → Vault Server → Log In

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Short Vacation – back on May 15th

Just started the blog, but got so tired that I have to go on vacation (kidding). I will be back on May 15th. Later…

Customize Autodesk Inventor – Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkeys

As you know, Inventor doesn’t have commands like Autocad, which we all love, but it has hotkeys you can modify and add. Hotkeys will make you more efficient.

To add a new keyboard shortcut or edit existing one go to:
Tools → Customize
Then choose Keyboard tab and modify.

Changing Units in Autodesk Inventor – 2012

I received some files from our vendor that were in millimeters. I needed to be able to measure them in inches.

To do that, go Tools → Document and Settings → Units